We currently have pork for sale by the pound.  All our pork is naturally raise.   We supplement their feed with a wholesome diet of grain and vegetable scraps, we never use drugs such a growth stimulants, hormones or antibiotics.

Remember we are small farm and we will try our best to have all cuts for you, in the real world, each pig comes with so many pork chops!!

The following price list by pound cover all cuts we offer:

  • Ground pork     $6.50
  • Ground pork seasoning (breakfast sausage)     $6.50
  • Spare Ribs                     $  6.50
  • Pork tenderloin           $10.00
  • Bone in pork chops     $ 7.00
  • Boneless pork chops   $ 8.00
    • All pork chops are package 3 per pack and are available in 1/2 inch or 1 inch thicknesses.
  • Ham steaks (very popular) they defrost and cook quickly for a delicious last minute meals!  They are individual pack 1/2 of an inch thick and range the size from 1/2 lb to over 2 lb each.
  • Fresh pork shoulder Roast  $6.50 lb.  They are about 3 to 5 lb each perfect roast for pulled pork
  • Fresh Bone in pork Loin Roast  $7.50 lb.
  • Fresh boneless pork loin $8.00 lb
  • Boneless roast are about 3 to 5 lb each.  One of the most tender and desirable cut
  • Pig feet  $2.00 lb (tastier than you will think, give it a try!
  • Liver, Heart, Tongue $3.00 lb
  • Pork neck bones $2.50 lb
  • Pork neck bones smoke $3.50 lb  (Make a delicious and mild flavored steak our use them to make a classic soul food dish)
  • Jubilee famous smoke bacon $10.00 (Smoked at the farm with chicory and maple wood for 24 hours ,  Delicious!!



Specially Sausage -hot, cajun, green onion, italian- Sell by  3 links per 1 lb  $6.50.

Sausage and ground pork are available in bulk 10lb per $5.50 lb.

Jubilee smoke sausage $7.50 lb. The best for Jambalaya.


IMG_2899 (1)

We use our own pork to make the sausage.

Half or whole pig

We have half or whole pigs if you like to fill your freezer with lots of heritage, farm raise pork, cut, smoke and pack to your own specifications, please keep reading.

Here’s how it works.  You reserve half or whole pig, we take the pig to the butcher, he will cut it just as your preference, we smoke the pork belly for your bacon and make different sausage.

We charge $4.00 per pound, hanging weight butcher fees are included in the price.

To reserve your pig call or e-mail us to get more information.