Why Grass fed beef?

  • Lower in fat and has been show to lower LDL colesterol.
  • Lower in calories
  • Tastier and more tender) 3-6 times more than grain feed)
  • Significantly higher in omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Higher leves on certain B vitamins, calcium and potassium.
  • Richer in vitamin E, beta carbone and vitamin C.

How to place an order?

  • We sell our beef by the quarter or half of an animal. To place an order is $150.00 and sign contract that promises the sale of the beef.  We take care of the animal until harvest and then the meat you have purchased go to our butcher, who cuts and wraps the beef for you.
  • Individual cuts
    • We sell individual cuts by pound, one to two pounds vacuum sealer package.
  • You can send us a e-mail or call us.  See the price list below, we delivery to your home, farmers market or at the farm.

What do I get from half beef?

  • How an animal is butcher can dramatically affect the yield.  Whether bones are left in, how closely the butcher trim the surface fast, and how much fat is left in the ground meat is a big part determinate the yield.  The yield is about 60-65% of the hanging weight so, you can spect 140-160 lbs of finish cuts depending on the size of the animal for half animal and 75-100 lbs for a quarter animal.
  • Bones and organs are optional.

Here is a sample list of cuts that you may receive:

  • Ground beef, Stew meat, Soup bones, Beef Brisket, Chuck Roast, Rump Roast, Sirlon tip roast, Round steak, Short Ribs, Sirlon Steak, T bones, Ribeye Steak, Blade Steak, Flank Steak, Shanks.
  • Steaks are cut 1″ thick  1 x package for large steaks and 2 per smaller steaks.  Roast are typically 3-4 lbs.  The butcher will determine the best way to divide a particular piece of meat into a multiple roast.
  • Stew meat and ground meat are package in 1 lb.

How much of freezer space for half beef?

  • A 1/4 of beef will requires 5 cut freezer.
  • A 1/2 of beef will require 8 cu ft freezer.
  • A whole beef will require 12 cu ft freezer.

A cut ft is the size of a plastic milk crate.

How much that it cost?

  • Half are sold at special bulk pricing of $7.00 / lb hanging weight and are pre sold with a deposit.
  • Quarter are sold $7.50/lb hanging weight.
    • Example
      • $7.00 x 215= 1505
      • $7.50 x 130=   975
  • Our hanging weight for half is typically 200-250/lb
  • Butcher fees are included on the total price.
  • Individual cuts by pound price:
    • Ground beef                     $ 8.50
    • Boneless stewmeat        $ 8.50
    • Beef brisket (limited)   $10.50
    • Chuck roast                      $  8.50
    • Rump roast                       $  8.50
    • Round steak                     $  8.50
    • Short ribs                          $  9.50
    • Sirlon Steak                      $14.00
    • T-bone                               $16.00
    • Ribeye steak                     $16.00
    • Blade steak                       $12.00
    • Flank Steak (limited)    $12.00
    • Shanks                               $ 8.00
    • Organs
      • bones   $3.50
      • heart    $5.50
      • tongue $8.50
      • liver      $7.50
  • We take special orders, all this cuts are available at the farm or at the Farmers Market every Saturday.